BHCA Nationals 2016 – Now with Pictures!

We had a wonderful time at the Basset Hound Club of America Nationals last week in the Greater St. Louis, MO area.  It was great to see old friends and to make some new ones, too!

Libby, Beatrice and Pippin made the journey with us in our fully loaded (think Beverly Hillbillies) 2004 GMC Yukon XL across the US.  Bjorn drove the entire 1200 miles, allowing me to catch up on some much-needed sleep.

I’ll eventually post pictures and videos but here are some highlights:


IMG_0211  IMG_0213

IMG_0218  IMG_0215

  • Libby earned a bumper-leg qualifying score (“Q”) in Novice B obedience; it wasn’t her best effort but she did earn 4th place with a score of 177.5.
  • Libby earned a bumper-leg Q in Advanced B rally with a score of 86.  Again, not her best effort but good enough for 4th place.
  • Pippin earned his first Q in Beginner Novice B with a score of 193.5 and then won the run off for first place!
  • Pippin then earned is first Q in Novice B rally with a score of 96, good enough for 4th place.



  • Libby decided to come into season (more about that in a minute) so she was pulled from all companion event competitions.
  • Pippin did not qualify (NQ’d) in Beginner Novice B obedience when he stood up during the walkaround-sit.  Too bad as he was working on a 197 and would have won the class again!
  • Pippin Q’d a second time in Novice B rally with a score of 97 but this was not good enough for a placement.
  • In agility, Pippin did extremely well but took bars down in Novice FAST and Novice Jumpers.  He did keep all of the bars up in Novice Standard but had a refusal and run-out for a score of 90; he was still 15 seconds under SCT!  This was good enough for 1st place (the only entry) in the 12″ class.
  • Finally, Beatrice competed in the Maturity stakes, Bitch Class I.  Sue Frischmann showed her to a class win in this large class and then I showed her to Best of Opposite Sex overall!  Thank you to judge Jill Brooker from New Zealand for the honor.


  • Libby continued to sit on the sidelines and missed the agility competition.
  • Pippin did not Q in either Novice Jumpers or Novice Standard; he was very fast but took down 1-3 bars in each class.


IMG_0395  IMG_0398

  • It was Beatrice’s time to shine.  I showed her to 1st place over 13 other entrants in the prestigious Bred By Exhibitor Bitch class.  Thank you judge Robert Opeka for the honor.  We did not get any further wins but I was very happy with Beatrice and her performance.
  • Libby then was named 1st place in the Brood Bitch class, with Beatrice and her brother Pedro as her produce.  Thank you again, judge Opeka!
  • BHCA also ran a demonstration of the AKC Coursing Ability Test.  The St Louis Association of Sight Hounds (SLASH) assembled a 300 yard course for the bassets to try.  Bjorn ran Pippin and he was a superstar!  He accurately chased the plastic bag and completed the course in 48 seconds.


  • Libby was the only one competing in the Best of Breed class.  Since she was in season she didn’t want me touching her tail and I wasn’t happy with how she showed.   That said, she made it through 2 cuts by judge Carol Makowski and her 1/2 sister Poppy made it into the final group.

Overall it was a great Nationals for the Spectrum Bassets.

After we returned home we decided to breed Libby.  She’s been bred to Wheaties (CH Topsfield Sanchu Wheaties) and if all goes well we’ll see puppies in mid-December 2016.

New Title Weekend!

Libby was a star on Saturday, July 9, 2016 as she completed her Rally Advanced title.  To top it off, she received a perfect score (100) as she won the Rally Advanced B class based on time over three other dogs who scored 100!  This was an all-breed trial with a class of 15 competitors in attendance.  I have to say she was a girl-on-fire and a real hit with the judge, stewards, exhibitors and observers.  I’ll post the formal show photo later but here is Libby with her goods:


On Sunday, July 10, 2016 Libby was not quite so good – very distracted – but she did finish her Companion Dog title with a (barely – ugh!) qualifying score of 171 in the Novice B class of 6 exhibitors.  However, a CD leg is a CD leg and we’ll take it as her third one and a new title!


Libby’s complete AKC show name is now:  GCH CH Vision Spectrum Topsfield Love A Mystery CD BN RA NJP CGC.

Next up for Libby:  continuing her obedience work with the goal of competing again in Novice B and also in Graduate Novice at the BHCA Nationals; resuming agility competition in Novice FAST and Open Jumpers at a few trials this summer and fall; and trying out Field Trialing at the BHCA Nationals.

Upcoming Calendar

For those who may be reading my website to learn about Spectrum Basset Hound upcoming plans, here you go:

July 2016

  • Dog show:  Wampanoag Kennel Club, Sunday, July 3, 2016, Crackerbarrel Fairgrounds, Wrentham, MA (not far from the outlets!).  Dante (Spectrum Topsfield Vision Dante’s Paradiso) will be showing in the Bred By Exhibitor Dog class.  Judging program is here.  Bassets will show in Ring 8 sometime after 1:30pm, probably closer to 2:00pm.  There is a 3-point major at stake for the boys, if all competitors show.


  • Rally trial:  Holyoke Kennel Club, Saturday, July 9, 2016, Better Living Center Building, Big E, West Springfield, MA.  Libby (GCH Vision Spectrum Topsfield Love A Mystery BN RN NJP CGC) will compete in Rally, Advanced B class.  Judging program is not yet posted but the premium list is here.  There are 15 competitors in the class.  If Libby earns a qualifying score she will complete her Rally Advanced (RA) title!


  • Obedience trial:  Holyoke Kennel Club, Sunday, July 10, 2016, Better Living Center Building, Big E, West Springfield, MA.  Libby (GCH Vision Spectrum Topsfield Love A Mystery BN RN NJP CGC) will compete in Obedience, Novice B class.  Judging program is not yet posted but the premium list is here (same as the rally trial).  There are 10 competitors in the class.  If Libby earns a qualifying score she will complete her Companion Dog (CD) title!


August 2016

  • We may enter Dante and/or Beatrice (Spectrum Topsfield Vision Dante’s Beatrice) in some early August shows. Stay tuned!
  • Specialty dog show:  Pilgrim Basset Hound Club, Friday, August 19, 2016, Best Western Royal Plaza Trade Center, Marlborough, MA (1/2 mile on Rt 20 West of I-495).  I don’t know yet who will show and in what class but look for Dante, Beatrice and Libby to be present.  All local basset hound fanciers are welcome to attend – no admission fee!
  • Dog shows:  Wachusett Kennel Club, Saturday and Sunday, August 20-21, 2016, Best Western Royal Plaza Trade Center, Marlborough, MA.  We won’t have any dogs showing as Anne is chairman of the Saturday show.  On Sunday she is judging the Bred By Exhibitor Terrier Group.  Come by and say hello – Anne will be at the club table all weekend.  Admission fee:  $5 per adult; seniors and children under 12 are $3.

September 2016

  • We may enter Dante and/or Beatrice (Spectrum Topsfield Vision Dante’s Beatrice) in some early September shows. Stay tuned!
  • Agility trials:  Wachusett Kennel Club, Saturday and Sunday, September 23-24, 2016, American K-9 Country, Amherst, NH.  Libby and Pippin (CH Spectrum Topsfield Pippin of Sanchu) will compete in several classes.  Libby will likely be entered in Open Jumpers with Weaves Preferred and Pippin will be entered in Novice Standard Preferred and Novice Jumpers with Weaves Preferred.


  • BHCA Nationals:  September 30 – October 7, 2016, Purina Event Center, Grey Summit, MO and environs.  See the 2016 BHCA Nationals web site for details.  It’s not clear who will go but Libby will likely compete in rally, obedience, agility and conformation, Pippin will likely compete in rally, obedience and agility, and Beatrice will compete in Maturity and conformation.  If Dante travels he’ll also be competing in Maturity and conformation.  Noodles will watch the house.

Later in 2016

  • Breeding!  We plan to breed Libby at her next season (late November/early December).  Selection of the sire is still being finalized.


Basset Agility

It’s common to hear people say “Basset hounds cannot do agility.”  That’s just not true.  It is true that not all basset hounds can do agility and it is true that not all basset hounds can earn MACH and PACH titles.  But as long as you have a healthy dog in good weight that likes to learn, anything is possible.

I have put agility titles on three basset hounds and hope to get titles on more.  Here are Libby and Pippin showing it can be done!

BP150795_crop_on_canvas IMG_1383_Pippy

Lady Winifred of Simpson CD CGC

You always remember your first, the pundits say.  And this is very true for Winnie.


Winnie at age 14. I still have the round bed – she loved it and I cannot bear to part with it.

On this day (March 29) in 1990, 26 years ago, our wonderful Winnie was born.  Registered as Lady Winifred of Simpson and earning both her AKC Canine Good Citizenship certificate and AKC Companion Dog title, she is the reason I am so involved in basset hounds to this day.

There was never a kinder basset born.  Sweet, gentle, and loving are the best words to describe her.  She loved all people and especially loved children.  She welcomed all of the other bassets that came into our home during the 14 years of her life.  Her best buddy in the world was our first rescue, Mr. Dudley.  When he passed away in 1998 she was never quite the same – quieter and withdrawn as you hear can happen to old people when they lose their spouses.  Winnie and Dudley were just like an old married couple.

She had many names around our house.  Winnie.  Weiner.  Babbo. Winifred.  Weens.  She answered to them all cheerfully, especially if calling her was accompanied by the tossing of a dog biscuit.  My daily driver has for the last 15 years had the vanity license plate WNNIE.

In 1992 I took Winnie and our new (at that time) rescue Dudley to a beginner obedience class at the Parsons Barn in Boxborough, Massachusetts.  At the end of that 8 week class Winnie earned her CGC certificate and Ginnie Parsons said to me, “You know, you could put a CD on that dog”.  I answered “What’s a CD” and the rest, my friends, is history.

We have had more famous dogs in our house – a multiple Best in Show winner.   Specialty winners.  Agility title holders.  Multiple obedience and rally title holders.  Dogs that have traveled the country and even overseas.  We have had crazier, more energetic and probably more intelligent and trainable dogs in our lives.  But none will ever take up that special place in my heart.

She was my first, and you never forget or replace your first.  Sleep well, big girl.  Even though you’ve been gone for almost 12 years I think of you every day.

See you at The Bridge.

Gone but not forgotten

Image result for rainbow bridge

Recently several old Spectrum bassets left the mortal world for the Rainbow Bridge.  While they have left us behind for a better place they are never forgotten!

Nearly 10 years ago Judy Tuck and I placed Joker with the Bagnell family in Lakeville, MA.  Joker was the son of Pru (CH Vision Love Potion Number Nine) and Judy’s Jeremiah (CH Cloverhill’s Jeremiah Bramwell).  He never wanted to be a show dog so he became the Bagwell’s beloved basset hound boy and he loved his family back with his whole heart.  Joker went to the Rainbow Bridge in November 2015 after a short illness.  Sleep well, basset boy.

IMG_0155 IMG_1945


Coney (CH Tailgate Topsfield Cognac), affectionately known as “Coney Testoni,” came to us from Topsfield Kennels in the spring of 2007, the daughter of Poppy brother, Punch (CH Topsfield Sanchu Hawiian Punch) and one of Gail Allen’s boys, DC Tailgate Stars & Strips 4Ever.  I showed Coney to her AKC championship and tried her in the field and obedience rings.  She preferred to be a couch potato so in the summer of 2009 she went to live with JD & Lisa Carpenter in West Virginia.  Coney went on wonderful vacations with them and had a great life with her new family.  She passed away from a rare form of lymphoma in early 2016.  See you at the Rainbow Bridge and sleep well, pretty girl.

Coney       coneyhead



Dice (CH Topsfield Sanchu Dice Vision Spectrum) went to live with Judith & Neal Wittels of Tuxedo Park, NY in the winter of 2007 after Anne completed his AKC championship.  We loved having him in our home but he was destined to become part of the Wittels family.  The son of Claudia Orlandi’s Best in Show winner Yahtzee (CH Topsfield Sanchu Yahtzee) and Kai’s sister Phoebe (CH Vision I’ve Got a Spell on You), he was a delightful boy who became the light of dog-mom Judy’s life.  He was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, a common cancer in dogs, in February 2016 and succumbed to the disease just a few weeks later.   His family is devastated by his passing – we all miss you, Dicey Boy.

IMG_0947    IMG_0945

Beatrice: The Big Winner!

I attended the Pilgrim Basset Hound Club 56th Annual Specialty Show on August 14, 2015 at the Royal Plaza Trade Center in Marlboro, MA.  Libby was entered as a special (Best of Breed class), Biscotti was entered in Bred By Exhibitor Dog class, and the puppies Dante and Beatrice in their respective age classes – 6-9 month dog/bitch; the judge was respected basset hound breeder Mrs. Sanda Launey.  The puppies were also entered in their age classes in the sweepstakes competition under judge Maria Zengion.

Beatrice was the big winner!  Ms. Zengion awarded her 1st place in her class over 4 other bitches, Best Junior in Sweepstakes and then Best in Sweepstakes!  She defeated 18 other dogs.

In the regular classes, Bea again was awarded 1st place in her class over 4 other bitches by Mrs. Launey.  She was then selected as Winners Bitch for a 5 point major!  To top off a wonderful evening, Mrs. Launey awarded 6 month old Bea Best of Opposite Sex over specials, including her mother!

I have a picture from Bea’s wins – I’ll post as soon as I get a moment to scan it.

I should also mention that Dante did not show his best but stacked very well; he still won’t gait with his head up but we are working on getting this fixed.  Biscotti showed well and was 2nd place in the competitive Bred By Exhibitor class.  Libby was named Grand Champion Select, beating other special bitches for this placement.

Next shows:  Beatrice and Libby will fly to California with me and Bjorn to attend the Basset Hound Club of America National Specialty Shows and Trials beginning September 28, 2015 in Sacramento.

Best of Winners & A Major!

I finally attended a dog show – first time since the BHCA Nationals in October 2014.  All of this travel to China has seriously cramped my dog competition activities.  Due to the schedule whims of United Airlines I didn’t get home until 1:00am on Saturday instead of the expected Friday 8:00pm home arrival.  I must send a special thank you to my long-suffering husband for bathing Brownie on Thursday night.

Brownie (Topsfield-Sanchu Spumoni of Spectrum) and Libby (GCH CH Vision Spectrum Topsfield Love a Mystery BN RN NJP CGC) were both entered but given my lack of preparation I only took Brownie to the shows.  Brownie received a speed-groom at the shows as I was too tired to do it when I got home very early Saturday morning.

On Saturday we were Reserve Winners Dog under judge Ed Hall.  There was only one other dog entered (1 point) and three bitches (also 1 point).  While I was disappointed not to win the practice with Brownie was very valuable.

On Sunday the stakes were higher: Brownie was the only dog entered and there were six bitches (3 point major).  Brownie showed very well and was awarded Best of Winners by judge Sue Carr for his first major!  He know has nine points and one major.

Next up:  Pilgrim Basset Hound Club’s 56th Annual Specialty Show on August 14, 2015 at the Royal Plaza Trade Center in Marlboro, MA.  I will also have the two puppies (Beatrice, Spectrum Topsfield Vision Dante’s Beatrice; and Dante, Spectrum Topsfield Vision Dante Aligheri) making their debut and Libby is entered as a special and brood bitch.  Wish me luck!

Stan is in a New York State of Mind

Stanley (aka CH Topsfield-Sanchu Confetti of Spectrum) is now enjoying life with Joe Palmenteri and his family in New York.  Joe previously had a beautiful red-and-white littermate of Scooter and Noodles named Barney (or Mr. B to his friends).  Here are some pics of Mr. B.

Barney          Barney as basset

Barney passed away about three years ago from lymphoma.   He was a wonderful boy and basset hound to the core – note the expert counter-cruising skills.  He reminds me a lot of Noodles, in color, face and personality.

When Joe contacted me looking for a new basset family member I knew that he and Stanley would be a match made in heaven – and it’s come true!  Stan has found his perfect human and Joe has a beautiful, smart basset boy to be his bud from now on.  I don’t think we’d ever be able to lure Stanley back home again!

Stan  Stan says, “Noooooo, don’t send me back to Massachusetts.”

Stanley  “Don’t bother me, I’m sleeping here.”

I’m so happy that Stan has a great home with a wonderful family.  See you some day, Stan!  Just don’t start rooting for the Yankees …


In the fall of 2014 we placed Hoppy (CH Topsfield Sanchu Spectrum Hopscotch) with Jessica Trigger and her family in Vermont.  Hoppy became best-buddies with their beautiful hound-mix named Charlie.  Charlie left his family for the Rainbow Bridge yesterday and leaves a hole in many hearts.  I didn’t know Charlie for very long or very well but he left a deep impression on me in that short time.  Sleep well, little hound.