Breeding Program

Spectrum Basset Hounds is a hobby kennel.  We average one litter every two to three years.  We occasionally have puppies but frequently have  or know of young adults and/or retired show dogs available to be re-homed.  Please contact us if you are interested in acquiring a new family member. Spectrum Basset Hounds is committed to breeding health and happy dogs.  All litters are carefully planned and both parents are screened for all known health issues as recommended by the Basset Hound Club of America.

We have been fortunate to be mentored by highly experienced breeders during our involvement with basset hounds.  We are forever in debt to:

  • Nancy Richmond, Vision Bassets
  • Claudia Orlandi & Sue Frischmann, Topsfield Kennel
  • Judy Tuck, Cloverhill Bassets

They have allowed us to participate in breeding and whelping of litters and have co-owned most of the dogs that have formed the history of Spectrum Basset Hounds.  Without their support and guidance we would not have had the success we’ve enjoyed in training, exhibiting and competing with our hounds.

Anne is an AKC Breeder of Merit.

One thought on “Breeding Program

  1. Rosemary Leckie

    Dear Anne and Bjorn and pack,
    Love the new website and seeing Jay Jay’s pictures are still a part of it. Jay Jay and Gidget are doing well and thriving, as we all are, in Williamsburg, VA. Words can never adequately express how much we and Gidget love our Basset boy. Can’t imagine life without them both.
    Happy Summer,
    Rosemary and Mark


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