About Us


Spectrum Basset Hounds are the pride and joy of Anne Testoni & Bjorn Zetterlund of Bolton, Massachusetts USA.

Scooter - NJP title

Anne has loved basset hounds since receiving Samuel of Trebor for her 15th birthday.  She is active in many aspects of canine competition including conformation (dog shows), obedience, rally, and agility.  She has recently been working her dogs in tracking and looks forward to getting started in field trials and hunt tests.  Bjorn is Anne’s pit crew and while he does not actively train the dog he works hard on their daily care and comes to nearly all training sessions and competitions to provide physical and moral support.

Libby - Specialty Winner

Anne has been an active member of Pilgrim Basset Hound Club since 1992, having just completed her second four-year term as president and in the past serving as vice president, secretary, and director.  She was also Pilgrim’s show chair through 2014 and is currently the club webmaster.  Anne has been a member of the Basset Hound Club of America since 1997 and is serving BHCA as corresponding secretary and was a director from 2010-2012.   Anne’s all-breed club membership is with Wachusett Kennel Club; she serves WKC as a director and chair of one of the club’s all-breed dog shows.  WKC named Anne its 2015 recipient of the AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship Award.  Finally, Anne is treasurer, rally trial chair, webmaster and AKC Delegate for Concord Dog Training Club.

Noodles - High In Trial

Bjorn is also a member of PBHC, WKC and the BHCA.  His main love is driving anything with a motor at high performance driving schools and autocrosses with the BMW Car Club of America.






On the professional side of things, Anne earned her PhD in Chemistry from Northwestern University and Bjorn earned his PhD in Electrical Engineering from RPI.  They met as engineers in the semiconductor industry many years ago and support their love of bassets by working in high technology management.