Our History

… this page is still under construction …

Early Days
Anne’s family always had one or two dogs running around the house, whether beagles, Irish Setters, or mutts.  Her mother gave Anne a basset hound, Samuel of Trebor, for her 15th birthday and after that there was no other breed for her.  Sammie was joined in the Testoni household by Senator Benji just as Anne left for college but she had time to recognize and enjoy the extra pleasure of having a couple of hounds in the house.
Bjorn is a late-comer to the joys of bassets having grow up in Sweden with nordic dogs and boxers.

After Anne & Bjorn married in 1990 the first order of business was to get a dog.  Spectrum Basset Hounds was founded in 1990 when they purchased their first basset hound, Lady Winifred of Simpson CD CGC, from a loving backyard breeder in Acton, MA.  While she was not show quality she was a wonderful, funny and affectionate dog and truly the Champion of our hearts.  In 1992 Anne decided that Winnie needed companion and they contacted Pilgrim Basset Hound Club’s rescue committee to see what was available.  Mr. Dudley joined the household and became Winnie’s best buddy for all of their days.  Through the rescue committee Anne learned about dog clubs and later that year became a member of the club.

First Activities:  Obedience
     In 1992 after Dudley joined the house Anne & Bjorn decided to take an obedience class.  The family of one of Anne’s co-workers, Becky Parsons, had just opened up a training facility in their barn in Boxborough, Massachusetts so the two bassets were enrolled in beginner obedience.  After 8 weeks both Winnie and Dudley passed the AKC Canine Good Citizenship Test.  Ginnie Parsons said to Anne, “You know, you could put a CD on that dog.”  Anne responded, “What’s a CD?” and Spectrum Basset Hounds was born.
After an additional year of training Anne completed the AKC Companion Dog title (CD) on Winnie.  Anne caught the obedience “bug” and has continuously trained various members of the Spectrum Basset pack over the years to obedience, rally and agility titles.

Welcome to Dog Shows
     After being a member of Pilgrim Basset Hound Club of several years and attending the club’s annual specialty show (and serving in various non-competition rolls at those shows such as trophy chairman, hospitality chairman, etc.) Anne decided to start looking for her first show dog.  [More later]