The Dogs

Over the years we have been blessed with many wonderful dogs.  Here is the history of all of the dogs who have lived at and/or otherwise been a part of Spectrum Basset Hounds, in rough chronological order. Some dogs spent their entire lives with us, others stayed for just a few years for training & competition, and some were puppies that were later re-homed. All were loving pets during their stay with us.

Current Spectrum Pack

Call Name Formal Name Life
Noodles BIS BISS CH Topsfield Vision Silvernoodles CD BN RA NAP NJP CGC 2003 –
Libby GCH Vision Spectrum Topsfield Love a Mystery CD BN RA NJP CGC 2010 –
Pippin CH Spectrum Topsfield Pippin of Sanchu 2012 –
Dante Spectrum Topsfield Vision Dante's Paradiso 2015 –
Beatrice Spectrum Topsfield Vision Dante' Beatrice 2015 –
Pedro/Pedey CH Spectrum Topsfield Vision Dante's Inferno 2016 –

Former Spectrum Pack Members

Call Name Formal Name Life
Winnie Lady Winifred of Simpson CD CGC 1990 – 2004
Dudley Mr Dudley (rescue) 1988 – 1999
Quinn Quinn (rescue) 1982 – 1996
Libby Libby (rescue) ? – 1997
Susie CH Ol'South's Stonewall Bacall CD RN CGC 1996 – 2008
Junior Am/Ber/Can CH Me-Don's Spectrum Von Linne CD RN  CGC 2000 – 2007
Faith CH Vision Keep The Faith ROM CGC 1998 – 2010
Kai Am/Ber BIS CH Vision Spectrum Infrared Topsfield 2001 – 2015
Pru CH Vision Luv Potion Number Nine 2001 – 2013
Poppy CH Topsfield-Sanchu Soda Pop CD RN ROM 2002 – unknown
Scooter Am/Ber CH Spectrum X-ray Vision CD BN RE NJP CGC 2003 – 2013
Bert CH Topsfield Cloverhill Sherlock H 2004 – 2013
Dice CH Topsfield-Sanchu Dice Vision Spectrum 2005 – 2016
Nina CH Topsfield-Sanchu Anna Karenina 2006 –
Coney CH Tailgate Topsfield Cognac 2006 – 2016
Fendi CH Topsfield Sanchu Fendi Spectrum 2006 –
Hoppy CH Topsfield-Sanchu-Spectrum Hopscotch 2007 –
JayJay CH Spectrum Night Vision 2007 –
Sweetie CH Maredge Sweet Tea 2001 – unknown
Biscotti CH Topfield-Sanchu Biscotti ROM 2010 –
Bella Topsfield Sanchu Spectrum La Bella Rossa 2012 –
Amaretti CH Topsfield Spectrum Amaretti of Sanchu 2013 –
Stanley CH Topsfield Sanchu Confetti of Spectrum 2013 –
Brownie CH Topsfield Sanchu Spumoni of Spectrum 2013 –

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