No Plan Survives First Contact

Well, for those who were waiting for news about the next Spectrum litter you won’t be happy with what I have to write.

I am very frustrated!

Libby came into season on March 6, 2017 – early by her old schedule but consistent with the five month interval she has been experiencing recently.  Assuming she would be ready to breed 7-14 days into her season and knowing that puppies are born 63 days from ovulation, we would expect puppies roughly 10-11 weeks after the start of her season. That would be the end of May.

Hannah & Patrick!

I knew that this would be the earliest possible time for puppies, assuming Libby went with her new schedule.  And that would have been ok – I had no travel or events planned for mid-May 2017 through mid-June 2017.  We need to go to a wedding in Baltimore at the end of June but could have managed that with the help of friends and our pet sitter, assuming puppies were 3-5 weeks old at the time.

Irma Zetterlund, 1923 – 2017

Sadly, my mother-in-law passed away in late February.  This was not unexpected, as she had been fading slowly for several years, but the issue is that we must travel to Sweden for her funeral and internment.  The date for the internment has been set for the end of May and I must go to support Bjorn.  So, I could not breed a litter of puppies of which I could not take proper care.  So, I did not breed Libby and there will be no potential for summer puppies.

I could really use some luck!

If Libby stays on schedule she will come into season next in mid-August.  I will definitely breed her at that time.  If we are lucky, pups would be born in mid-November.  Keep your fingers crossed that nothing else comes up!


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