Climb, Jump, Weave


Libby and I competed at the Agility Club of New Hampshire trials on Saturday and Sunday at American K9 Country in Amherst, NH.  I ordered the videos and will update this post when I receive them.


Libby started the weekend on Saturday Novice Standard Preferred, jumping 8″.  I expected her to NQ has she recently scared herself on the seesaw and we’ve been avoiding it until retraining is complete.  The course started with jump to the A-Frame and I thought she’d do well as she loves that obstacle.  Instead she was a bit all over the place refusing the A-Frame, visiting the leash runner and the table crew, before finally getting back into the run.  All went well until she refused the dog walk although she did complete it on 2nd try.  As expected, she ran by the seesaw and I didn’t make her try again.  But she was happy, not sniffing the floor, and kept all bars up.  NQ


Saturday’s Novice Jumpers with Weaves Preferred was much more successful. She was attentive, not super speedy, but clean for a 100, 10 seconds under SCT.  She was 1 second slower than the fastest dog, going 2nd place.  Q


Sunday’s standard course was better – no visiting, totally on-course; she dropped one bar and refused the seesaw but was fast and focussed. I am very encouraged as I know we’ll fix the seesaw.  NQ


Sunday’s jumpers course was slower and she visited one ring crew but w/o refusal.  All bars stayed up and she was 3 seconds over SCT for a 97.  But the other dogs in her class dropped bars so Libby was 1st.  Q

So, all in all not a bad weekend!   Perfect weave poles each day (all done on 1st try), no sniffing, 2 jumpers Q’s.  We’ll work on the seesaw and staying clear of those fun ring crew people.

first qualifyingsecondqualifying

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