Welcome, Summer!

The weather has finally turned summer-like in New England.  After the coldest May in recent history we have had four straight days of weather with temperatures 70-80 degrees and sunny.  The dogs are spending most of the day outside basking in the sunlight.

My garden is finally fully planted and growing.  This year’s crop should feature english cucumbers, cherry tomatoes (Sun Gold, Sun Sugar, Super Sweet 100), plum tomatoes (San Marzano, Borghese, Roma III), hanging tomatoes (Tumbling Tom Red), eggplant (Black Beauty) and bush beans.  On the herb side, I have pots of rosemary, Genoa basil, Thai basil and lavender.

Writing about and working in my garden always reminds me of the first Spectrum Basset Hound, Winnie (Lady Winifred of Simpson CD CGC).  She was a great lover of vegetables and routinely raided my garden.  One year I could not figure out why my Roma tomatoes were not ripening.  I would get many green fruit but none would turn red.  Then one day I caught Winnie dropping a mouthful of green tomatoes in her crate for later consumption!  She was also the guilty party who was pulling up carrots and leaving me naked carrot greens.  Once I put up a fence I had a bountiful yield of tomatoes and carrots but a very sad basset hound.

Our first basset hound

Winnie, convited garden thief

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