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Pedey has Landed

Congratulations to the Solitro family – Kathy and children Ava & Joe – on welcoming Pedey (CH Spectrum Topsfield Vision Dante’s Inferno) to their family.  Pedey is settling in well and enjoying his new life in Central Massachusetts.  I hope to see Pedey and Ava some day in the Junior Showmanship ring!  Pedey loves to show and Ava loves dogs, so it’s a match made in heaven.

I like it here, I can sleep on the bed!

New Champion Pedey – now with photos!

Spectrum Basset Hounds were very successful at the Holiday Cluster dog shows December 9-11, 2016 at the Better Living Center of the Eastern States Exposition Center in West Springfield, MA.

Pedey and Beatrice both were competing but Pedey was the big winner!  Here are his results – Pedey was handled by Candy Carswell in all of the competitions in the Open Dog class.

  • Friday, 12/9/2016.  Best of Breed/Best of Winners/Winners Dog under judge Fred Vogel.  Pedey defeated four champions for this win to earn a 4 point major!
  • Saturday, 12/10/2016.  Best of Opposite Sex/Best of Winners/Winners Dog under judge Jackie Fogel.  Pedey defeated three dog champions for this win to earn a 3 point major and New Champion!
  • Sunday, 12/11/2016.  Best of Opposite Sex under judge Eddie Dzuik.  Pedey was moved up to the Champions class and defeated three other dogs for his first (and only) breed points as a special.

On the way to his championship Pedey earned 4 majors and a total of 16 championship points, pending AKC confirmation.  He will now be known formally as:  CH Spectrum Topsfield Vision Dante’s Inferno.

Beatrice did well although not quite as well as Pedey.  I handled Bea each day in the Bred By Exhibitor class.

  • Friday, 12/9/2016.  Best of Opposite Sex/Winners Bitch under judge Fred Vogel.  Bea defeated a bitch champion for this win and earned a 3 point major!  This was Bea’s 2nd major win.
  • Saturday, 12/10/2016.  First Place in BBX under judge Jackie Fogel.  No championship points although she did beat 2 other bitches for the class win.
  • Sunday, 12/1012016.  Reserve Winners Bitch under judge Eddie Dzuik.  There was a major to be won but no award this day.

Bea now has 11 championship points,pending AKC confirmation.  We’ll try to gain those remaining championship points this winter.

Congratulations also to Pedey on gaining his forever home!  He’s been promised to the Solitiro family of Holden, MA after his championship is confirmed and he is neutered.

Next Up:  campaigning Dante to earn his Championship.  He will be available to his forever home when that is complete, hopefully in the Spring of 2017.

Pictures are on the way from the show photographer for posting soon!

Basset Agility

It’s common to hear people say “Basset hounds cannot do agility.”  That’s just not true.  It is true that not all basset hounds can do agility and it is true that not all basset hounds can earn MACH and PACH titles.  But as long as you have a healthy dog in good weight that likes to learn, anything is possible.

I have put agility titles on three basset hounds and hope to get titles on more.  Here are Libby and Pippin showing it can be done!

BP150795_crop_on_canvas IMG_1383_Pippy

Lady Winifred of Simpson CD CGC

You always remember your first, the pundits say.  And this is very true for Winnie.


Winnie at age 14. I still have the round bed – she loved it and I cannot bear to part with it.

On this day (March 29) in 1990, 26 years ago, our wonderful Winnie was born.  Registered as Lady Winifred of Simpson and earning both her AKC Canine Good Citizenship certificate and AKC Companion Dog title, she is the reason I am so involved in basset hounds to this day.

There was never a kinder basset born.  Sweet, gentle, and loving are the best words to describe her.  She loved all people and especially loved children.  She welcomed all of the other bassets that came into our home during the 14 years of her life.  Her best buddy in the world was our first rescue, Mr. Dudley.  When he passed away in 1998 she was never quite the same – quieter and withdrawn as you hear can happen to old people when they lose their spouses.  Winnie and Dudley were just like an old married couple.

She had many names around our house.  Winnie.  Weiner.  Babbo. Winifred.  Weens.  She answered to them all cheerfully, especially if calling her was accompanied by the tossing of a dog biscuit.  My daily driver has for the last 15 years had the vanity license plate WNNIE.

In 1992 I took Winnie and our new (at that time) rescue Dudley to a beginner obedience class at the Parsons Barn in Boxborough, Massachusetts.  At the end of that 8 week class Winnie earned her CGC certificate and Ginnie Parsons said to me, “You know, you could put a CD on that dog”.  I answered “What’s a CD” and the rest, my friends, is history.

We have had more famous dogs in our house – a multiple Best in Show winner.   Specialty winners.  Agility title holders.  Multiple obedience and rally title holders.  Dogs that have traveled the country and even overseas.  We have had crazier, more energetic and probably more intelligent and trainable dogs in our lives.  But none will ever take up that special place in my heart.

She was my first, and you never forget or replace your first.  Sleep well, big girl.  Even though you’ve been gone for almost 12 years I think of you every day.

See you at The Bridge.

Gone but not forgotten

Image result for rainbow bridge

Recently several old Spectrum bassets left the mortal world for the Rainbow Bridge.  While they have left us behind for a better place they are never forgotten!

Nearly 10 years ago Judy Tuck and I placed Joker with the Bagnell family in Lakeville, MA.  Joker was the son of Pru (CH Vision Love Potion Number Nine) and Judy’s Jeremiah (CH Cloverhill’s Jeremiah Bramwell).  He never wanted to be a show dog so he became the Bagwell’s beloved basset hound boy and he loved his family back with his whole heart.  Joker went to the Rainbow Bridge in November 2015 after a short illness.  Sleep well, basset boy.

IMG_0155 IMG_1945


Coney (CH Tailgate Topsfield Cognac), affectionately known as “Coney Testoni,” came to us from Topsfield Kennels in the spring of 2007, the daughter of Poppy brother, Punch (CH Topsfield Sanchu Hawiian Punch) and one of Gail Allen’s boys, DC Tailgate Stars & Strips 4Ever.  I showed Coney to her AKC championship and tried her in the field and obedience rings.  She preferred to be a couch potato so in the summer of 2009 she went to live with JD & Lisa Carpenter in West Virginia.  Coney went on wonderful vacations with them and had a great life with her new family.  She passed away from a rare form of lymphoma in early 2016.  See you at the Rainbow Bridge and sleep well, pretty girl.

Coney       coneyhead



Dice (CH Topsfield Sanchu Dice Vision Spectrum) went to live with Judith & Neal Wittels of Tuxedo Park, NY in the winter of 2007 after Anne completed his AKC championship.  We loved having him in our home but he was destined to become part of the Wittels family.  The son of Claudia Orlandi’s Best in Show winner Yahtzee (CH Topsfield Sanchu Yahtzee) and Kai’s sister Phoebe (CH Vision I’ve Got a Spell on You), he was a delightful boy who became the light of dog-mom Judy’s life.  He was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, a common cancer in dogs, in February 2016 and succumbed to the disease just a few weeks later.   His family is devastated by his passing – we all miss you, Dicey Boy.

IMG_0947    IMG_0945

Rest In Peace, Kai

I just learned that one of our old dogs, “Kai”, aka Am/Ber CH Vision Spectrum Infrared Topsfield, went across the Rainbow Bridge to canine heaven on this past Thursday night.  Kai was a beautiful red-and-white boy from the first litter we ever bred – CH Vision Keep the Faith x CH Topsfield Orion.  Anne easily finished Kai, owner handled from the Bred By Exhibitor class.  He was shown by his good buddy Phyllis Wright in Bermuda and easily finished his championship in one cluster, taking Best in Show one of the days.

Kai going best of breed with Anne as his handler

Kai going best of breed with Anne as his handler

Kai and Phyllis going Best in Show in Bermuda

Kai and Phyllis going Best in Show in Bermuda

Kai was bred several times and produced several bench and field champions.  He had a mind of his own, even more so that most of our bassets, so he did not have much of a career in the companion events.

After Kai finished his show and breeding career he was lovingly adopted by Nita Lescher and Peter Kent and spent more than 10 wonderful years with them.

Kai enjoyed life in Vermont and the snow

Kai enjoyed life in Vermont and the snow

He passed away at the amazing age of 13+ years but will be greatly missed by his family and all that knew and loved him.  Rest in Peace, good boy, and see you some day when we all meet in the great dog show in the sky.

Remembering past hounds: Scooter

Young Scooter

In February 2013 I lost my Scooter boy (Am/Ber CH Spectrum X-ray Vision CD RE NJP CGC) to hemangiosarcoma at the age of 9.5 years.  He was one of the sweetest, funniest dogs I have ever known – a real clown in competition but serious about his love for his humans and pack-mates.  He was a real talker, too – if giving you the “basset look” didn’t get him what he wanted he happily “talked” to you until you obeyed.

Scooter in the weave poles
No legs?  No problem! Scooter loved weave poles

Scooter was the first dog I competed with in agility and he successfully completed  his AKC Novice Jumpers Preferred title.  He never learned to love the A-frame so we didn’t go any further in that venue.  He did title in obedience and rally, too.  But most of all he was a good buddy and my constant companion while his sister Noodles was off with Bryan Martin becoming the top-winning basset hound bitch in breed conformation competition history.  I miss Scooter’s sweet face and personality every day.